Calming the Crazy Parenting Class

Join Nancy for 7-module class.

What to expect

Parenting is hard work! We’re all afraid we are doing it wrong, and that our kids will suffer. The world seems cruel, and we want our kids to be resilient and capable. Most of the time we just want peace in the house or to feel like we are getting through to our teens and tweens. 

Calming the Crazy is parenting class that will help you develop parenting strategies to meet your child’s unique needs. 

Get lifetime access to the class as an eCourse and as a bonus, you will also be signed up for 7 group coaching sessions over Zoom, and you will also receive 1 hour of free personal coaching. So don’t miss out on this opportunity! 


“We had numerous students beg us to have Nancy come back again to do another workshop with them and we are already in the process of scheduling additional programs with Nancy. “

Julie Lambert
Dean of Academics and Student Affairs
Academy at SOAR

“Spending time with Nancy was fantastic. I learned so many things about myself and the way I handle and process my own emotions, [and how this] impacts directly what I model and how I parent.”


“This was extremely helpful for me. I have a highly emotional ADHD son who I really struggle parenting. Figuring out of my parenting style was great.”


“[This] information is so helpful, but also Nancy’s demeanor is so safe and calming. I love the Christ-centered approach.”


“I can’t wait to go home and spend time with my family after taking this workshop! In just one week, my patience has improved and I’ve become more present with my husband and two boys. I am enjoying my life much more.”


“I truly enjoyed learning how to handle different emotional levels we all have. I feel as if I have more tools to be a more understanding parent and wife.”


What we’ll cover

Yes, we’re going to cover a lot, and you’ll take out what you put in. Here’s a sample of some of the key topics we’ll dive into:

  • NParenting styles
  • NHow to get the best out of yourself
  • NHow to get the best out of your child
  • NManaging emotions
  • NHow your child's brain functions
  • NHow your child's development affects your family
  • NBalancing self-esteem & behavior
  • NGetting your kids to do what you ask them to and thank you for it
  • NWhat to do if your child doesn't do what you ask them to
  • NSex, drugs and tough questions

What you get


free follow up Zoom group coaching sessions (valued at $1,050)

of free coaching (value of $200)

Meet Nancy

Nancy Grabe is a therapist, parent coach and speaker with 30 years of experience helping families, children and businesses thrive. Her background in social work and Christian counseling has given her firsthand knowledge of the issues families face today, and the lasting impact of empowering parents. Nancy is a believer in healing the broken hearted and helping people overcome emotional pain to live abundant lives. She loves to work with parents to help them move intro the mentoring stage of parenting young adults.

Foundational Family has held events all over the southeast

Calming the Crazy Parenting Class helps you develop children who are able to manage their emotions and express themselves.

Class curriculum

Our class consists of 7 modules. Each one lasting 45 – 60 minutes.  

Session 1 – Parenting Styles & Emotions

  • Parenting style quiz & results
  • Managing our emotions & parenting styles
  • Boundaries with our kids and our parenting partners
  • Balancing parenting partnerships

Session 2 – Self-Esteem

  • Don’t Should on ME
  • When the chips are down
  • Motivation
  • Disabilities vs superpowers
  • Sharing Scripts to save each other’s feelings

Session 3 –Stages of Development – Physical and Emotional

  • Fist Brain talk 
  • Building Choice Muscles – Everyone carries their own Bag of Rocks 
  • Developmental Stages of Childhood
  • Get more of whatever you focus on or What is your brain magnetized to

Session 4 – No “Bad” Emotions

  • What is Empathy & What is NOT Empathy
  • Check your oil – analogy
  • Pain Cycle 
  • Need to feel both feel good and feel bad emotions to be healthy

Session 5 – What if “Bad” Behavior is a cry for help or poor communication skills?

  • Hot button “Old enough to Know better”
  • Babies cry and teens act out when uncomfortable
  • If you take away an outlet you need to replace it with a skill

Session 6 –Negotiating – The art of getting others to do what you want and thank you for it! 

  • Teens are like Feral Cats
  • Why “telling” doesn’t work
  • The 3 skills of great negotiators and how to use them

Session 7 – Sex, Drugs, and Rock n’ Roll

  • Using the skills to deal with the big issues
  • Examples
  • Avoiding the addiction cycle


Why do you need support from a parent coach?

Child not listening or not wanting advice?

Afraid you are parenting wrong?

Feeling you need to toughen your kids up to handle the cruel world?

Want to manage your emotions?

Need help to maximize your child's potential?

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