Supermom Secrets Revealed!

As moms, we feel like we need to be everything to everyone.

We all live at the speed of light!

  • Make great meals.
  • Help with homework.
  • Mend friendships.
  • Clean the house.
  • Teach and manage relationships.
  • Get kids to games and practices.
  • Entertain…

We have to do it ALL!

We have to be SUPER MOM!

I’ll reveal 5 SECRETS:
ONE Super Skill a day for 5 days.

I cannot give you super powers, but I can help you fill your tool belt with super skills that’ll make you unstoppable, like Batman.

Join me, Nancy Grabe of Foundational Family, for a week of fun and learning. Let’s fill our mom utility belts with some truly super skills!

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The 5-Day Challenge

Join us live from May 3rd to 7th, every day from Noon-1pm EST*

* If you’re not on the Eastern time zone, please double-check the time difference to your time zone

Day 1 – The Power of Changing 1 Word

Day 2 – The Magic of Self-Care

Day 3 – No More Mind Readings

Day 4 – No More Hurt Feelings

Day 5 – Mirror Magic! Get Your Kids to Talk!

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Meet Nancy

Nancy Grabe is a therapist, parent coach and speaker with 30 years of experience helping families, children and businesses thrive. Her background in social work and Christian counseling has given her firsthand knowledge of the issues families face today, and the lasting impact of empowering parents. Nancy is a believer in healing the broken hearted and helping people overcome emotional pain to live abundant lives. She loves to work with parents to help them move intro the mentoring stage of parenting young adults.

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