Introduction to the Course

Class curriculum

Our class consists of 7 modules. Each one lasting 45 – 60 minutes.

Session 1 – Parenting Styles & Emotions

  • Parenting style quiz & results
  • Managing our emotions & parenting styles
  • Boundaries with our kids and our parenting partners
  • Balancing parenting partnerships

Session 2 – Self-Esteem

  • Don’t Should on ME
  • When the chips are down
  • Motivation
  • Disabilities vs superpowers
  • Sharing Scripts to save each other’s feelings

Session 3 –Stages of Development – Physical and Emotional

  • Fist Brain talk
  • Building Choice Muscles – Everyone carries their own Bag of Rocks
  • Developmental Stages of Childhood
  • Get more of whatever you focus on or What is your brain magnetized to

Session 4 – No “Bad” Emotions

  • What is Empathy & What is NOT Empathy
  • Check your oil – analogy
  • Pain Cycle
  • Need to feel both feel good and feel bad emotions to be healthy

Session 5 – What if “Bad” Behavior is a cry for help or poor communication skills?

  • Hot button “Old enough to Know better”
  • Babies cry and teens act out when uncomfortable
  • If you take away an outlet you need to replace it with a skill

Session 6 –Negotiating – The art of getting others to do what you want and thank you for it!

  • Teens are like Feral Cats
  • Why “telling” doesn’t work
  • The 3 skills of great negotiators and how to use them

Session 7 – Sex, Drugs, and Rock n’ Roll

  • Using the skills to deal with the big issues
  • Examples
  • Avoiding the addiction cycle