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What brings most parents to me over the years is their children’s behaviors, including anger, laziness, sneakiness, or deceit.

The family is only as happy and harmonious as the most unhappy member. When a child has these behaviors, they make the entire family miserable. As your child’s self-esteem develops, the slightest events can lead to an amazing life or a life of suffering for them and everyone around them. The parents might be affirming them for every little thing while the world is treating them like they are nothing. The child might be having successes they are proud of while being unintentionally torn down at home.

Happiness comes from an intact self-esteem. The people who do best in the world are the ones who believe in themselves and know they can be successful.

In this module, you will learn:

  • What self-esteem is and isn’t.
  • How to effectively build and maintain strong self-esteem in your kids
  • How a child perceives what’s taking place around them and why?
  • The downside of over affirming your child
  • The value of hard work in developing a strong self-esteem
  • How to help your child change struggles into strengths